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Press Release from The Geek Institute: Statement on Mr Abbott MP


Editor’s Note: A version of this press release was previously published by Mr Abbott’s office on the 21 April 2012

Press Release from The Geek Institute

Statement on Mr Abbott MP

The Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition is the presiding officer of the official Opposition Party in the House of Representatives and is responsible for the orderly conduct of his party in the House and the maintenance of standards of behaviour and integrity.

It is a very senior position within our Parliament and an office that should command respect.

It is important for our Parliament that the Leader of the Opposition have the respect of colleagues and the trust of the community.

There are very serious allegations against the current Leader of the Opposition, Mr Tony Abbott as well as a long an ongoing pattern of behaviour:

  • During his time in the Howard Government, Tony Abbott was once thrown out of Parliament because he moved in a threatening manner towards the Opposition benches just after Labor’s Graham Edwards, a Vietnam Veteran who had lost both his legs during the Vietnam War, had interjected: “You’re a disgrace”. Source: The Australian - May 2012
  • In 1976, while at University, Tony Abbott kicked in a glass panel door after a narrow defeat in the University Senate elections in 1976. Source: Sydney Morning Herald - July, 2004
  • After losing an SRC election, Tony Abbott is alleged to have approached the person who defeated him, Barbara Ramjan, come as close to an inch from her nose and then punched the wall on either side of her head. Source: - September 8, 2012
  • While at University, Tony Abbott was charged with indecent assault for allegedly touching a female student teacher between her legs on the lower buttock. Source: Sydney Morning Herald - July, 2004
  • Lindsay Foyle, a former deputy editor of The Bulletin and a past president of the Australian Cartoonists’ Association, has revealed that Tony Abbott once threatened to punch him because of a disagreement over abortion  Source: New Matilda - September 2012
  • Tony Abbott has admitted to punching Joe Hockey out cold sometime during the late 80’s. At the time, Tony Abbott was “kind of a semi-player coach” for a rugby union team. Source: Tony Abbott Interview - December 9, 2009
  • Tony Abbott was once caught by police bending a street sign after passing his economics examination. Source: Sydney Morning Herald - July, 2004
  • During the 2007 Federal Election, the then Federal Health Minister, Tony Abbott, criticised a terminally ill man, Bernie Banton, accusing dying Bernie Banton of not being “pure of heart”.Source:
  • Tony Abbott once missed five key votes in Parliament - including the vote on the $42 billion stimulus package - because he was asleep in his office after having consumed too much alcohol. Source: Daily Telegraph - March, 2009
  • Tony Abbott once joked about the suicide attempt of John Brogden, who at the time had just resigned as the NSW Liberal Leader. While at a Liberal Party fundraising event, Tony Abbott said: “If we did that we would be as dead as the former Liberal leader’s political prospects.” Source: ABC’s Insiders - September, 2005
  • Tony Abbott joked about the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that sunk claiming 11 lives.Tony Abbott joked “that was one boat that did get stopped, wasn’t it?” Source: Herald Sun - January 19, 2012

(All sourced from

There are several court case pending, some of which are about serious allegations.

  1. Mr John Setka is accusing Mr Abbott of defaming him by portrayin him as an industrial thug.
  2. Indirect impact on the integrity or otherwise of Mr Abbott in ‘wall punch’ defamation case
  3. Tony Abbott sued by One Nation founder David Ettridge for $1.5m

For any parliamentarian, let alone the Leader of the Opposition, these would be very serious allegations.

Against the Leader of the Opposition, such allegations go to the integrity of one of the highest parliamentary office in the House of Representatives.

While Mr Abbott is entitled to the presumption of innocence, these allegations unquestionably have the potential to damage the reputation of the office of Leader of the Opposition and the standing of the Parliament.

It is therefore incumbent on the members of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party, who installed Mr Abbott as Leader of the Opposition in 2009 with the barest of margin. by one vote by Mr Slipper to require Mr Abbott to stand aside until these matters are concluded before the courts.

The Australian Federal Police must also immediately investigate allegations of Liberal Party conspiracy in the matter of Ashby versus Slipper, in particular any involvement by Mr Abbott, Mr Pyne, Mr Brough and Mr Abetz.

It is untenable that a Member of Parliament facing this many serious allegations should hold one of the most senior positions in the Australian Parliament.

In the same way that ministers and shadow ministers in the past have been stood down from the ministry while matters were being investigated, the Liberal Party must ensure that the Leader of the Opposition stand aside until all these matters are resolved.

We now have an Opposition in Canberra that tried to get into power by what a Federal Court Judge found to be a conspiracy against the Speaker of the Parliament of Australia. Their conspiracy was to benefit the Liberal and National Coalition, and Mr Ashby and Mr Brough.

This is a tawdry state of affairs, to say the least.

We are a good country presently let down by a bad opposition with poor leadership.

The Parliamentary Liberal Party cannot support Mr Abbott continuing to hold the office of Leader of the Opposition while these matters are being investigated.

To maintain integrity in our public life, the Parliamentary Liberal Party must act today.

It was Mr Slipper who effectively made Mr Abbott the Leader of the Opposition 4 years ago. And while he has become an Independent now, he still carries the responsibility for imposing this Leader of the Opposition on the rest of the country.

As the person who carried the single vote to attain a Liberal Party caucus majority, Mr Abbott is well and truly his creation.

The Parliamentary Liberal Party must ensure that no further damage is done to the reputation of one of the most senior offices in the Parliament and they must act today to ensure that Mr Abbott stands down while these matters are dealt with in the courts.

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